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Burns Station Cemetery, DeWitt County, Texas

Hillside Cemetery, Cuero, Texas

Chamberlain Cemetery, Kingsville, Kleberg County, Texas

Rest Haven Cemetery, Kingsville, Kleberg County, Texas

Burns Station Cemetery, Outside of Cuero, Texas

Burns Station Cemetery is now located on private land; however, the owner allows people to come into the cemetery to visit and take pictures.

Poor Mary (Polly) Rankin Myers--There must have been no one left to make sure she had a tombstone

Sarah Moore Burns was the wife of Arthur Burns who was one of the first settlers in Burns Station. He died while on a trip to Iowa so is not buried with his wife Sarah.

         Hillside Cemetery, Cuero, DeWitt County, Texas
Photos taken August 2001

Front Entrance of Hillside Cemetery

Tombstone of Delia Shanks

Delia is buried in one of the Burns' family plots. Her tombstone is the small one on the right in the shade.

"In Remembrance of
Delia--Wife of John T Shanks
Born Mar 14, 1857
Died May 25, 1911"

Chamberlain Cemetery, in Kingsville, Kleberg County, Texas

This cemetery was, I thought, Kingsville Cemetery and as a child, I remember it being green and serene. When I was there in August it was quite dry and brown, however, it is still very active.

This is where Ella and J. B. Hardy are buried.

"Ella Hardy 1877 + 1958"

"Joseph B. Hardy 1872 + 1949"

Jo Beth Kingston 06/01/1944 - 06/06/1946 (No Marker)

Rest Haven Cemetery, Kingsville, Kleberg County, Texas

Farland and Delia bought in this cemetery because of the perpetual care that was promised. It has not lived up to the sales pitch. Once again, this was August and it's possible it looks better in the spring.

"Farland G. 1892 - 1965 Delia Elizabeth 1900 - 1994

"Mason C. 1839-1978 Lewis J. 1898 - 1953"

Close up of Delia's side

Close up of Farland's side.