Photos of the Roper Family

          David E. Roper with Grandchild

Isabel Roper with twins Roy and Toy Roper

Back Row: Otis Roper, Farland Roper, Mark Roper
Front Row: David E. Roper, Edith Roper, Isabel Roper

Delia in the 1940's

Farland, The Charmer

I remember the smell of Emeraude perfume and Coty powder when Grandma would get dressed for church--Roxie

I remember sitting at her feet playing while she cut out paper dolls for me, and having a tea party with her and my dolls. She would sit in the little chair of my table and chairs, my dolls would be dressed up in the clothes that she made for them, and we would drink tea and have cookies.--Anna Lynn

Delia and Farland,
Always on the Go

Mardell and Connie

Beatrice at 2 Months

Leslie at 6 Months

Leslie, Carl, Farland, William

            Beatrice 1942

Front Row: Joy, David, Billy
Back Row: Tommy (held by Kenneth), Kenny, Roxie, Scott (held by Leslie), Anna Lynn

          Tommy, Joy, Curtis Wayne, Billy

Back Row: David, Terri, David
Middle Row: Jeffery, Kenny, Brandi, Rachel
Front Row: Shana, Robert

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