Roper Reunion 2004 Photos

(There are a lot of pictures, so it may take some time to load)

Our Hosts for the First Roper Reunion

Debbie, Kari and Jackie Keeble

Our Families

The Kingstons
The Paynes

The Cribleys
The Ropers

The Wagners

Terri and Greg (who didn't get in the Wagner picture!)

Friday - Getting to Know Each Other: We started with pizza and watermelon
to get warmed up. We introduced ourselves and talked about memories of Grandma and Grandma. Even rain didn't put a damper on things--we just moved into the parking area and kept on talking. Kari had the little kids making an
apron with prints of their hands and feet.

Casey and DJ

Amy and Emily

Roxie and Ken

Les and Emily


Kyle and Emily

Tommy and Donna

Coby, Amanda, Ricky, and Curtis

Amy, Anna Lynn, Emily, and Kari

Les and Maye

Kari and Kenzie

Saturday- Everyone was on their own for the day. Some went to the Flea Market; some to the Craft Fair. Others went to the Schlitterbahn. (Below are pictures I got from two families from their day at the Schlitterbahn.)

The Cribleys

Terri and Kyle

Terri, Kyle, Casey, Amy, Kenny

Casey and Anita

An early supper was at the Fish Cabin where we filled up the whole back room. Then back to the resort where we took pictures, played games and listened to our musical kids.

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Bob, Ruth and Julie

Jackie and his tired baby
Billy and Lily singing the 1000
Legged Worm

Debbie and her 3rd generation

Terri, your host for 2006

Julie and Kenny

Casey, Anita and DJ

Being good sports

Joy, Kenny and Debbie

Katie and Kamryn

Everybody wants to get into the act!

Sunday - It poured down rain, but we gathered in some of the rooms for a last goodbye until next time in 2006 when we will meet at Terri and Greg's house in Austin.


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