Amann Family Photos, The Present

837 Waverly, San Antonio, TX 1999
Even though the front porch has changed and it
is not as well kept, the house where William and
Willard were born has many of the same amenities.
For instance, the leaded windows in the front
bedroom and living room, the bookcase and fireplace
in the living room as seen in the formal picture
of the boys.

Los Angeles Heights Presbyterian Church which was literally built by Max, Sr.

The Amann Family
Front Row: Amy, Mary, Eda
Back Row: Max and Julius

Max and Helen with "Little Grandma Amann"

Anna Lynn and David with
their Grandparents, 1945

Anna Lynn, 1946

David, 1950

Jeffery, Anna Lynn, David and Terri

Rachel, David M., David, and Robert

Max, Jr., Lois and Willard, 1999

Jane, Willard and Jessica, 1999

Willard and Anna Lynn, 1999